Scania R700 6×4 Tielbeke Transport

Nederlands Hier is de Scania R700 in Tielbeke kleur. Standaard 700 pk. Snelheid is nu 91 km/h Prijs is € 175.000,- Dagelijkse kosten € 550,- Lifetime is  600 Deutsch Hier ist der Scania R700 Tielbeke Sammlung Standard hat er 700 … Lees verder

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Maverick no train

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This is the original map from Maverick but Maverick rebuild it on special request and did remoave the train section, Now there is lots of place to put own buildings. The train section was not of any use on the … Lees verder

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Maverick Final map

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MAVERICKS MULTIFRUIT FINAL This is the Multifruit edition off mavericksFarm SEASONS ready FINAL edition THERE IS ALSO A MAP WITHOUT THE TRAIN. The train is of a little or no use at all if you want that version just klick … Lees verder

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