Maverick Final map

This is the Multifruit edition off mavericksFarm SEASONS ready FINAL edition

THERE IS ALSO A MAP WITHOUT THE TRAIN. The train is of a little or no use at all if you want that version just klick here. 

fixed or improved in 1.1
1:removed bunkers and replaced it with 6 fermenters
2:rye/oat had reverse textures (solved)
3:drive over the water (solved)
4;grass spots in some fields(solved)
5:sillotrigger mainfarm higherd for CP
6:speeded up some productions
7:conveyor problem for manure (solved) wasn’t a map issue but the ingame conveyor,modded one that gonna work better
8: tweeked the balloons to only 1 instead 4/6 ,caused fps drops for some players and tuned down the noise
9: sugar salepoints fixed
10:fixed some collisions and minor issue’s
11: updated some displays so they’re easier to read
12:fixed field 22 to be seen as a field(but for that you need a new savegame,if you don’t care you can just play on)

all equipment from previous update if you have them you can delete them

added the right dolly to make a roadtrain with the BD pallettrailer
added a modified conveyor that’s able to load the manure from the cows and the pigs the right way.
All will be find in the category for the map in shop

I think all problems should be solved on this map now, maybe some minor problems that doesn’t effect the gameplay.
This should be the final version of this map otherwise i will never get to a new project.
Thanks for all the feedback and kind words.It’s for you guys i do all this work.
Happy Farming

It’s actually a multifruit and production 4x map.
Additional field fruits
Oat , rye,spelt,triticale,millet
Plum , pear , orange , apple , cherry,coffeebeans
The factory’s are not working with palletcollectors anymore so they can’t get bugged eather , you will need a special designed trailer to pick up the end products off all pallet based factory’s. 1 trailer made by bdbssb is build in the map ,you can find it in the shop to buy. Another one called producttrailer will be included in the zipfile. No other trailer will be able to pick up the products.
I added allot new factory’s , also builded in the nice factoryPack from BDBSSB
With over 50 products a list off the factory’s will be included in the zipfile aswell will this explanation.
Also replaced the fertilizer and seeds factory’s with a updated model, you will be able to fill your seeders directly at the factory’s aswell.
Needed mods in the zipfile
Holmer pack for rootcrops
12m header sugarbeet/potato
12m header onion/carrot
12m header cabbage,redcabbage,lettuce
Producttrailer to load factory products
PallettrailerBD to load factory products build in the mapfile can be found with the tippers
Liquidtrailerpack , 1 trailer for all kind off liquids , willn’t load fuel from ingame gasstations , will load own produced fuel or from the fuelstorages , 1 trailer loads only fuel to be find in misc category
Hops and hemp has to be cut with a maizeheader
I hope you all enjoy the multifruit edition off this map.
To support my work , it will be appreciated but not necessary

For map support and updates go to my Fb page or pc-sg forum

1: make sure you don’t have another map in you modfolder
2: make sure you don’t have the kastor placeable’s in your modfolder they will conflict with the ones that are build in.
3: you do not need UPK or any other script for the map , all you need is build in the map.


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  1. plebian schreef:

    Hᥙrrah, that’s what I was looking for, what a information! exiѕting here at this blog,
    thanks admin of this site.

  2. Nikki schreef:

    Hope you have more maps in store for us! Love the production maps!

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